The information below will explain our VP Framing, Roofing and Wall Systems.  If you don't find the answers you are looking for here, feel free to call our office and we'll provide you with more detailed information.

VP Framing Systems

There are eight basic VP quality framing systems. Each construction format is designed to accommodate your specific building requirements. All frames can be specified for use with non-load-bearing conventional walls -- glass, tilt-up, block, etc. Continuous Beam and Continuous Truss are recommended with load-bearing block or tilt-up.


Ideal for unobstructed, economical spaces and provides unsurpassed interior flexibility. Clear spans up to 300 feet or more are available.


Utilizes interior support columns to provide larger interior spaces for the lowest cost per square foot of any of our framing systems. Offers total flexibility in locating interior columns. Interior column spaces can reach 100 feet or more.


Offers the features of Rigid Frame with the advantages of open web for optimal placement of wiring, ductwork, lighting, etc.


All the advantages of Continuous Beam with the added benefit of open-web framing which can accommodate wiring, ductwork, and pipes -- reducing building heights.


Ideal for smaller clear-span building conditions up to 70 feet when a straight side wall and flat interior ceiling are desired.


Need extra space on an existing building? The Unibeam Lean-To is the answer. It is an economical structure which can be attached to any type building, or may be used as a freestanding, shed-type facility


VP's Transbay Bar-Joist System can be used with all VP framing systems. The system allows any bay spacing you need and is particularly appropriate for bay spacing in excess of 40 feet.


Deck-Frame is the first metal building support solution specifically designed for membrane roof applications. Deck-Frame combines the efficiency, speed and economy of metal building construction with the aesthetic performance of a membrane roof system.

VP Roofing Systems

VP roof systems, consisting of panels, insulation and secondary framing, are unsurpassed for weather tightness and provide a high-quality structure that lasts.


  • Economical
  • Roof Slopes as low as 1/2" in 12"
  • 36" Coverage
  • Lengths up to 41'-0"
  • UL60 and UL90 Wind Uplift Ratings Available
  • Dade County Building Commission Approved


  • High Performance
  • Concealed Fasteners
  • Roof Slopes as low as 3" in 12"
  • 18" Coverage
  • No Field Seaming Required
  • Lengths up to 45'-0"
  • UL90 Wind Uplift Rating Available


  • Economical
  • Field-Seamed, Weather-Resistant Joint
  • Roof Slopes as low as 1/4" in 12"
  • 16" Coverage with 3" or 2" Depth
  • Lengths up to 45'-0"
  • UL60 and UL90 Wind Uplift Ratings Available
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Approved for Wind Uplift Resistance


  • Economical
  • Field-Seamed, Weather-Resistant Joint
  • Roof Slopes as low as 1/4" in 12"
  • 24" Coverage
  • Lengths up to 41'-0"
  • UL90 Wind Uplift Rating Available
  • FM Class I-60, 90, and 120 Ratings Available

VP Metal Wall Systems

Wall systems consist of coverings, insulation and secondary framing. VP buildings are highly compatible with any conventional wall materials. In fact, virtually any wall materials can be used with the VP building system.


  • 36" coverage
  • 1 1/4"-high ribs
  • Lengths up to 41'-0"
  • 24 and 26 gauge Galvalume steel
  • Economical
  • Fast installation
  • Dade County Building Commission approved
  • Available with standard crimped base or square cut with base trim


  • 16" coverage
  • 3"-deep reveal
  • 1 1/4"-deep X 5"-wide recess
  • Lengths up to 41'-0"
  • Concealed fasteners


  • 36" coverage
  • 1 1/4"-deep reveals
  • Lengths up to 41'-0"
  • Sculptured reveal appearance
  • Fast installation
  • Fasteners hidden in reveals


  • 16" coverage
  • Lengths from 2'-0" to 25'-0"
  • 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer/aggregate coating
  • Stucco texture
  • 15 color choices available



*Note:  Colors online may not represent the exact color of the panel.

Roof and Wall Panel Colors

Architectural Roof Colors

Textureclad Panels

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